• Maximum load capacity Combination trailer
  • Air suspension trailer
  • Trailers and  other types of vehicles
  • Customized carriers

Maximum load capacity Combination trailer

For carrying ultra-heavy cargoes

  • Just manufactured by us in Japan
  • Switch (power)-controlled and manual-controlled, easy handling
  • Vehicle body and loading platform readily replaceable for various loads and weights.
  • Axle load lifting capacities presettable from 20 tons up to 40 tons
  • Better follow-up performance while driving through additional steering system




Low-floor design

  • Easy to control with just the push of a button on the switch box
  • Loading platform flexibly telescopic for loads being carried
  • Replaceable frame for safe loading and unloading with every type of load
  • Top-notch hydraulic system for smooth loading platform up/down motions
  • Tires also flexibly controlled by remote-controlled steering system